GM - TREND, spol. s r. o., coordinate whole network of other consulting in order to provide as complex services as possible to our customers. We focus on small and medium-sized companies (mostly s.r.o.).

But you can find our customers also among communities and other institutions or citizens. 

Owners of our company have been running this business of consultancy and education since May 11, 1990 and they are hugely experienced. We have connections to universities and other important institutions and subjects and therefore we are able to provide high quality services for low prices. 

We provide our services mainly in Ostrava, Frydek - Mistek, Karvina and Opava.

Our services begin and end accounting. Each new client presents to check financial statements and selected parts accounting for inspection. Subsequently we devote to strategic, managerial, business, accountants, tax, legal counseling. Our partners can provide services of auditors, law firms and insurance advisors etc. Most of their clients are motivated accounting permanently.

We provide inspection (especially in accounting terms) documents for ČMZRB (http://www.cmzrb.cz) and other institutions.

Clients who respect payment discipline, have a well-prepared documents and are socially responsible, they have a reasonable discount from the price of services.

Contact us by email rzm@gm-trend.cz