Ceo of GM-TrendProfesor Ing. Zdeněk Mikoláš, CSc.

Prof. Ing. Zdeněk Mikoláš, CSc.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to web pages of GM –TREND, spol. s r.o. Services offered to you here are closely related to dynamic development of enterprise in region of Ostrava and its vicinity.

My personal participation on development of enterpreneurial activites is divided into three levels:

  • to connect theory and experience, e.g. to give some experience to theorists and visa versa.
  • to contribute businessmen or townships and microregions with my erudition to help them make rational and strategic enterpreneurial decisions in region of Ostrava
  • to bring my experience, newest updated information and knowledge in enterprise theory of small and middle-sized companies and enterpreneurial economics and management to all of you who are interested.