Our team (whole network of companies) is able to offer complex enterpreneurial subject accounting services to s. r. o., v.o. s. and individuals. 
Service guarantees Director Ing. Radomir Mikolášová.

We provide services such as: 

Accounting consultancy:

  • Internal audit of book-keepers
  • Simultaneous accounting (Accounting is partly done by client and partly by specialized accounting company- service provider)
  • External accounting (Service provider runs clients accounting in its own office. It’s so called delivery system of book-keeping)

We also offer:

  • Tax consultancy
  • Accounting books audit
  • Legal consultancy and services
  • Financial and insurance consultancy and services

Among our special products belong:


It is a special accounting consultancy and service for lawyers, notary publics, bankruptcy administrators and such specialized in s.r.o, v.o.s., individuals and its corporations. This service helps to overcome troubles connected with accounting, taxes and other things.

Our experience shows that collaboration of economist and lawyer is very practical not only from technical point of view but also from marketing effectivness point of view. (“Sharing” clients from different contracts)


This is a special accounting, tax, financial, legal, insurance and enerpreneurial consultancy for tax and/or accounting advisors specialized in small and medium-sized companies. This service helps to increase profesionality level of private accounting companies or employees and not only to improve their technical skills but also economical way of accounting or to manage consultancy process better. 
The most active clients might be included in partner network of advisors and cooperating companies.

Write on e-mail address konto@gm-trend.cz