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"New life and business philosophy is based on the idea of partnership (cooperation) in the multiform of effective internal and external networks of entities involved not only in the economic sphere."

Z. Mikoláš - the book Synergy of Business

You may not know what is the name of our company. GM-TREND means "trends of global management and business." Therefore, since 1990, when we started business, we build on two pillars:

  • Perfect knowledge of the history of the business (ie quality of accounting firms)
  • Understanding of global trends in business and management.

In this spirit, we are providing consulting and other services.

In addition to the practical service we have been focused on the research and business. On this page we present some reflections and insights that respond to the latest knowledge of business theory and practice.



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Z. Mikolas, J. Karpeta

Family Business

26. 10. 2015

















Tell us your insights and we will publish on our website. During Covid 19, this service is suspended. Thank you for your understanding.

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