GM-Trend, spol. s.r.o.

EKOSteam economic, organizational, legal, insurance and financial advice, business diagnosis and therapy monitoring and management, preparation of documents for ČMZRB
EKONT accounting and tax consulting, accounting and audit-related legal, business and others. Consultancy Ltd., vos and individuals.
EKONTjustice  special accounting guidance for lawyers, notaries, bankruptcy trustee focusing on Ltd., wasps, entrepreneurs-individuals and their associations

Special accounting, tax and financial, legal, insurance and business consultancy for accountants focusing on Ltd., vos and individuals and their associations

GMuniversity  training, development of intellectual potential, and special consultancy for entrepreneurs, managers and students.
InfoSprint  rapid business consultancy, testing creditworthiness and sprint-diagnosis
GMnet  marketing, promotion, advertising, brokerage and trading activities
VirtualGM management and control using Firn potential, possible, alleged, apparent reality.